New to Oktoberfest, this stage offers unique and fun-filled experiences and contests to bring “out the Bavarian” in all of us! Learn how to Speak Like a True Oktoberfestian (German Lessons), meet the brewmasters from Franconia and Tupps, and learn how to homebrew and cook with German beer. And what would an Oktoberfest be without a stein holding competition and a brat eating contest? On Saturday, Hofbrau Bier is looking for men and woman who love beer — and a challenge — to compete in the Masskrugstemmen – stein holding contest. The person with the longest time wins a free trip to Las Vegas for the next round of the Hofbrau competition. And on Sunday, the Bavarian Experience Stage hosts the first annual Tupps brat eating contest with a trophy and prizes going to the winner!


Friday, Sept. 23

3:00 to 7:00 – The Hardline Roadshow – The Ticket Sports Radio
7:30 – Ale Whipped Cream Competition by Ettiene Market
8:30 – Meet the Brewmaster – Franconia Brewing Co. 

Saturday, Sept. 24

11:30 – Meet the Brewmaster– Franconia Brewing Co. 
1:00 – How to homebrew by Ettiene Market
2:30 – Cooking with Oktoberfest bier by Ettiene Market
4:00 – How to speak like a true Oktoberfestian (German lessons!) by German School of Dallas

5:00 – Polka Dance Lessons
5:00 to 6:30 – Registration open for the Hofbrau Stein Holding Competition
6:30 – Hofbrau Stein Holding Competition – Register
8:30 – Meet the Brewmaster – TUPPS Brewery

Sunday, Sept. 25

12:00 – How to speak like a true Oktoberfestian (German lessons!) by German School of Dallas
1:30 – Meet the Brewmaster – TUPPS Brewery
3:00 – Tupps Brewery Brat Eating Contest – Register

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