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Ever since the first Oktoberfest was held in Munich (1810 as the wedding ceremony of Prince Ludwig to Therese) it has opened with a grand ceremony where only the local breweries from Munich are allowed to serve and tap their beer. The honor of officially tapping the keg is bestowed upon the Mayor of Munich. That first keg is poured in traditional steins and after the officials and brewer received their beer the remaining beer and steins are passed on as free beer to the crowd.

McKinney’s Oktoberfest has followed that tradition with the honor of the opening keg tapping being bestowed upon the city’s first hometown brewery- Franconia.

Founded by Dennis Wehrmann, the origins of McKinney’s Franconia Brewery date back to 1800 and Dennis’ great great grandfather when he founded Frankenbreu, Tanna. It’s Dennis’ great great grandfather who is the fine gentlemen in the Franconia logo.

Back then all kegs were made of wood and the beer was delivered by horse carriage. And the wooden keg used in our tapping ceremony is an original wooden keg from 1800 and was handed down to Dennis from his great great grandfather. It is a 100 liter keg just as the ones tapped in Munich.

On Friday night at 6:30, be sure and join Dennis and the crew from Franconia as we celebrate and honor this 200 year-old tradition – Prost!




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